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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain


What does it mean to be additional, permanent and measurable?
What are household controllable emissions?
What does it mean to reduce carbon emissions?
What is a carbon footprint?
What differentiates Climakind from Offsetting and Carbon Neutral?
How do you calculate a carbon footprint for Individuals and Families?
What is a carbon offset?
What is carbon neutral?
Why do carbon emission calculators give different results?
Act Now

The message from science is clear - we urgently need to act now to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change.

The evidence linking human carbon emissions to global warming is clear. We need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions in order to avoid the irreversible consequences of damaging climate change.

Those consequences become severe once temperatures have risen above 2 degrees Celsius. We must and can avoid this much warming.

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