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 Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity. 
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Our People

Integrity, quality, simplicity and transparency

The Climakind initiative and its people uphold the principles of integrity, quality, simplicity and transparency. 

The people involved in Climakind bring complementary expertise in science, law and business, and include Michael Salvatico, Dr Phil McFadden FAA, John Taberner, and Soraya Salvatico.

Contact us about speaking at your event, or about helping you reduce global carbon emissions.

Michael Salvatico

Michael Salvatico

Michael is a founder of the Climakind initiative to support a carbon price and reduce global carbon emissions. He writes for a number of environmental journals and news sources and is a keynote speaker for emissions reduction, the need to voluntarily cancel carbon emissions credits, and the types of carbon credits available today.

The realisation that a carbon market can provide the ultimate voluntary carbon offset came to Michael when he met Phil and John. Michael's experience in financial research was complemented by Phil's scientific knowledge, John's understanding of environmental law and Soraya's European heritage and feminine touch.

Michael actively participates in environmental events and is a member of many environmental groups, including the Willoughby Council Sustainability Reference Group and Climate Action North Sydney.

Michael says, "As with everything I do my approach to climate change is driven by my positive and energetic personality. I do everything I can help educate and provide everyone with the opportunity to help stop damaging climate change." Speaker's profile

Dr Phil McFadden FAA

Phil McFadden FAA

Phil McFadden is a highly qualified geophysicist with extensive research and management experience both in academia and in government. Phil has a keen interest and broad knowledge on environmental issues.

For the past decade Phil was the Chief Scientist at Geoscience Australia. During his career in academia and in Geoscience Australia he worked in research on a wide range of geophysics and won international recognition for his work. He also spent time as Head of the IT Branch, Chief of the Geophysics Division, Chief of the Geohazards Division, and Chief of the Geospatial and Environmental Monitoring Division. During his time in these positions he initiated and led several major programs.

Phil received Bachelors degrees (with first-class honours) in physics and mathematics and a D.Phil. in geophysics. He received the gold medal of the South African Geological Society. He is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Phil has also co-authored two books.

John Taberner

John Taberner

John has extensive experience advising a wide range of clients on all aspects of environmental law, in particular planning and pollution control law. John also has extensive experience with the Kyoto Protocol as relevant to Australia, and analysis of Australian state-based carbon sequestration legislation and the various carbon accounting measures.

Soraya Salvatico

Soraya Salvatico

Soraya’s French background provides strong personal interest in the progress of carbon emission reduction solutions in Europe. She hopes to see the rest of the world follow the successful lead of the European ETS. Soraya’s work focus is customer service. Her experience includes customer relationship management, contract verification and business administration.

Soraya’s most recent role was with SITA (Société International de Telecommunications Aeronautic) in Australia where she reported to the head of the Asia Pacific Finance department and was involved with the revenue analysis for key customers and budget forecasting for the Asia Pacific region. Soraya also worked with SITA in France as the billing analyst for key global accounts.

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