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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

The Goal

Carbon emissions reduction

The Climakind goal is to make significant reductions in global carbon emissions to avoid the irreversible consequences of damaging climate change.

Empower, enable, educate, and invest

Climakind achieves this in four main ways:

  1. It provides the interface to voluntarily cancel carbon emissions credits
  2. It enables individuals and organisations to promote themselves as environmentally concerned and visibly active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  3. It educates and spreads the word on climate change and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions
  4. It invests in low-carbon research and solutions

Healthier world

Climakind has three major impacts:

  1. In the short-term Climakind directly reduces carbon emissions credits for the emission of carbon dioxide.
  2. In the long-term Climakind drives investment in low-carbon technologies, and
  3. Overall, Climakind sends a strong message to governments of the support to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a carbon price.

See how Climakind works.

Make a Difference

Hear how you can make a difference to reduce damaging climate change and avoid some of the more severe consequences of global warming by buying and cancelling carbon credits.

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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