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Do your best to reduce carbon emissions

We must all do our best to reduce our personally controllable carbon emissions. There are ways to reduce your demand on resources and reduce your carbon emissions without reducing your standard of living or business growth. Reducing the demand on energy can save money. It’s really about being resource smart and emissions aware.

Reducing energy consumption

For many individuals and organisations a substantial amount of carbon emission comes from electricity and gas used for heating, cooling and lighting. There are numerous ways we can reduce energy demands, for example, by turning off lights, changing to low-energy light bulbs, closing doors, reducing air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter, and better insulation.

Transport also produces a large amount of carbon emissions, which can be reduced by choosing alternative transport and driving more economically. Drive the car only when necessary, remove extraneous weight from the car and minimise acceleration and braking.

Ideally, after the emissions-intense energy demands have been minimised the remaining energy needs can be provided by renewable energy sources that create zero emissions. The reduction in energy demands will even help with the increased cost of green energy.

With a small effort electricity bills, gas bills and car running costs can be reduced. If we all work together, small efforts can add up and make a real difference. See our Emissions-Aware tips and guides for individuals and organisations.

EmissionsAware™ Tips and Information

Our EmissionsAware™ program aims to increase awareness at all age groups and in all levels of the community.  We start here with these simple tips to reduce carbon emissions:

Following these tips and suggestions will help you to reduce your carbon emissions. Contact us for more information about group learning sessions. 

Need to do more to make deep cuts in emissions

While it is critical that we reduce our controllable carbon emissions, unfortunately it is not enough to combat global warming.

We need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions to help stop damaging climate change. Until we find a way to make low-carbon solutions economically attractive, fossil fuels will continue to appeal to those who are not convinced by the need to act now.

That is where Climakind can help.  Your efforts through Climakind help make low-carbon solutions economically attractive. Being Climakind helps reduce global carbon emissions by cancelling genuine carbon emissions credits.

Do your best...Climakind the rest.

Tips and Information to reduce emissions

Phil explains how easy it is to reduce carbon emissions day to day.

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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