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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

The Price of Carbon Emissions

The price of carbon emissions credits changes based on market price and currency movements.

Price of one tonne of CO2

American dollars


Australian dollars


British Pounds




New Zealand dollars


Individual and Family Membership Levels

The Bronze, Silver and Gold membership levels for individuals and families are based on the tonnes of carbon emission credits cancelled and the family size. Refer to the below table for the minimum tonnes required for each level. Refer to The Price of Being Climakind for the monetary amounts in each currency. Read why you should join as an individual and family


         Annual Participation
          minimum per level

Member Type





1 tonne

6 tonnes

12 tonnes

Family (0-1 child)

2 tonnes

11 tonnes

21 tonnes

Family (2-3 children)

2 tonnes

14 tonnes

27 tonnes

Family (4+ children)

3 tonnes

15 tonnes

30 tonnes

Business, Governement and Community Groups

These organisations require the calculation of their annual carbon emissions (carbon footprint). The carbon footprint will determine the number of carbon emission credits to cancel. For more information see Business and Government or Community Group

To better understand why everybody needs to be Climakind see How Climakind Works.

Make a Difference

Hear how you can make a difference to reduce damaging climate change and avoid some of the more severe consequences of global warming by buying and cancelling carbon credits.

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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